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Jul 4, 2022

Special General Meeting

Members with voting rights are invited to attend a Special General Meeting (SGM) on 27th July at 7.00PM.

The purpose of the SGM is to amend the club constitution in order to remove gender bias in nominations for the committee and to improve gender equality in the governance of the club.

These changes are intended to promote the roles of women and assist the club to comply with Golf Australia's gender equality guidelines.

The quorum required is the presence (physically or by proxy) of a minimum of  19 members entitled to vote in order for the SGM to proceed.  If you can spare an hour of your time, please think about coming along.

At the SGM special resolutions will be proposed to amend rules 44, 49 and 50 of the constitution. 

Special Resolution 1
The committee proposes to amend rule 44 as follows:

- Delete rule 44 (g) in it's entirety
- Add rule 44 (g) "a Women's President"
-Amend rule 44 (h) to become rule 44 (I) and amend the number of ordinary members from four to two
- Add rule 44 (h) "a Women's Captain"



Special Resolution 2

The committee proposes to amend rule 49 as follows:

- Delete ", and" from 49 (c)
- Delete 49 (d) entirely


Special Resolution 3
The committee proposes to amend rule 50 as follows:

- Amend rule 50 (2) to include a Women's President and Women's Captain
- Amend the number of ordinary members from two to one

 Special resolutions are passed if not less than three quarters of the members voting at the meeting (in person or by proxy) vote in favour of the resolution.

Documentation available for you to download is available below:

 Current club constitution
 Golf Australia Gender Equality
Nomination of Proxy Form


A member unable to attend the SGM may nominate a proxy to vote on their behalf.  A nomination form is provided above for this purpose.  A member may use any other form that clearly identifies the person appointed as the member's proxy and has been signed by the member.  The form may be given to the General Manager at any time prior to the SGM or at the latest, to the Chairperson at the start of the meeting.

 A proxy form submitted by post or email must be received at least 24 hours prior to the meeting to be accepted.

It should be noted that no business may be conducted at the SGM other than that set out in this notice.

Since the committee has proposed these alterations, it is my duty as Chairperson to vote all proxies appointed to the Chairperson in favour of each special resolution.

Members attending the SGM are invited to participate in some light refreshments following the meeting.


Alex Lawson
4th July 2022