Feb 24, 2013

Working Bee Sun 24th Feb

Short update from Tony Blair and some pics

A great result at the Working Bee today and although the numbers were insufficient to complete all of the tasks we had planned, our members put in a great mornings work.  Sincere thanks to John Sanger, John Cathcart, John Rogers, Trevor Isaacs, Mark and Anita Brennan, Joy Vandoske, Di Rushbrook, Phoebe Bursfield, Tony Blair and Robbie Crowhurst (who took his Gerni out for an early run!) - a great job guys!

The exterior of the clubhouse including the windows and veranda got a good clean and now looks clean and smart.  We also had a huge clean up of the pool room and Spike Bar and the industrial bin is now full.  The tiles in the roof of the Spike Bar have been replaced, we have increased the amount of available storage space in the Shipping Container and that too is now neat as a pin.

The entrance to the clubhouse and Lindsay's office is now cob web and dust free and the new 'dividers' outside the Pro Shop have been dyna bolted to the concrete.  Some general cleaning in the ladies locker room was also undertaken and the asphalt in the Committee Car Park has been cut ready for the planting of a new garden bed - all in all, we had a very successful result with the 10 members who attended.  A nice BBQ and a few 'coldies' afterwards capped off a very productive morning.

John Cathcart cut the asphalt in the Committee car park and a nice garden bed will see that area looking a lot smarter and  fresher very soon.  The noise from John's cutting tool was sufficient to make David Wigg (who had organised a social group of 16 players) three putt on the 9th - David lost concentration when John exercised perfect timing in firing up the big cutter!  The  clubhouse looked packed when David Wigg's group shared the BBQ with our Working Bee members and a great day was had by all.

Thanks to everyone for their support today and with an influx of new members; it was great to see Phoebe Bursfield and Mark Brennan's wife in Anita come along to their new club, lend a hand and get to meet fellow members.  It is very pleasing to see the current batch of new lady members get behind their club and offer their expertise.  I am thrilled to welcome Jan Kreymborg whose 'eye for detail' and design skills have seen her seconded to the House and Planning Committee - well done ladies!  Jan has some great ideas to 'spruce up' the clubhouse 'incrementally' - if anyone knows how to create a photo from a DVD, can you please let me know.  The clubhouse needs more TLC and our next Working Bee will again be focussed on this area.

In closing, a huge thanks to all of our volunteer members and groups including the Cressy Ladies, Lady Members and Wednesday and Thursday Boys - all of your efforts save the club valuable dollars and helps us provide a 'better club' for all - member support also enables us to keep our subs at a sustainable level.  Just look at how Graham and his volunteers have worked on the sprinkler system and how the new storage shed is almost complete and you will realise how 'great members make a great club' - good on you all.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next Sunday working bee - if you can make it, your attendance would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Golfing!

Tony Blair
Chairman House and Planning,