Aug 8, 2018

Notice of Annual General Meeting

19th September 2018
Clubhouse - Cheltenham Golf Club


Business to be conducted at this meeting:

  •  to confirm the minutes of the previous annual general meeting;
  • to receive and consider the annual report of the Committee on the activities of the Club during the preceding financial year; and the financial statements of the Club for the preceding financial year submitted by the Committee in accordance with Part 7 of the Act;
  • to elect the members of the Committee.
  • The annual general meeting may also conduct any other business of which notice has been given in accordance with the constitution.
Notice of other business: 
  • General Business - any other minor items arising from this meeting

A call for nominations is made  for the following committee positions:
  • Captain
  • Vice Captain
  • 2 x General Committee
The Captain, Vice Captain and two General Committee vacancies are part of the normal two year cycle for committee elections.

I would like to thank the following people for their contribution to the club through their participation, thoughts and guidance on committee during the last twelve months:

Paul Finlay - for his work in the Captain's role.
Hamish Bertram - for his work in the Vice Captain's role.
Joan Neyland - for her work on the General Committee and role in the Members and Club subcommittee.
Barry Crowe - for his work on the General Committee and role in the Course and Facilities subcommittee.

Nomination forms for the vacant committee positions will also be available from the office.  Nominations close at 5.00pm on Wednesday 5th September. 

Nominations (and any candidate statements) will be placed on the club noticeboard upon receipt.

Voting can take place from 9.00am on Wednesday 12th September until 6.00pm on Wednesday 19th September (one hour prior to the start of the AGM).  Postal voting will be available (if necessary) and forms will be placed on the club website once ballot papers have been created.

A ballot box will be kept in a secure location for people to vote during this week - please contact the GM, David Stein.

If you are unable to vote during this time  (travelling or other reasons) you may appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf on any business being conducted at the meeting.

Information regarding proxy voting (from the constitution):
  • A member may appoint another member as his or her proxy to vote and speak on his or her behalf at a general meeting.
  • The appointment of a proxy must be in writing and signed by the member making the appointment.
  • The member appointing the proxy may give specific directions as to how the proxy is to vote on his or her behalf, otherwise the proxy may vote on behalf of the member in any matter as he or she sees fit.
  •  The member may use any form that clearly identifies the person appointed as the member's proxy and that has been signed by the member.
  • A form appointing a proxy must be given to the Chairperson of the meeting before or at the commencement of the meeting.
  • A form appointing a proxy sent by post or electronically is of no effect unless it is received by the Club no later than 24 hours before the commencement of the meeting.

Alex Lawson