Jan 30, 2018

Pennant Sponsorships

Pennant Sponsorships are now available.

The 2018 pennant season is approaching fast and it is time to get our sponsorship organised so we can once again field pennant teams in all competitions – men’s, ladies and colts.

The club has always been a fantastic supporter of our pennant sides and we hope that 2018 will prove no different.

We'd like to thank all of the sponsors from previous years pennant campaigns and hope that you can sponsor the pennant teams once again in 2018.

If you sponsor, please come along to any of the Pennant matches and make sure you wear your Cheltenham pennant sponsors apparel and show you are one of the team!

Click on the picture to download a sponsorship application form.

There will be three sponsorship categories available: gold, silver and bronze.
Gold Sponsors - $300.00
Pennant Shirt
Pennant Cap
Snacks and drinks at Cheltenham Golf Club on the 15th April when the club is hosting pennant matches.

Silver Sponsors - $200.00
Pennant Shirt
Pennant Cap

Bronze Sponsors - $100.00
Pennant Cap