Jun 26, 2017

Special General Meeting

Special General Meeting called for Thursday 20th July

The committee has called a Special General Meeting to allow the club to alter it's constitution to address several issues, including:

  • Eligibility to represent club members by standing for the Committee
  • The nomination process
  • The voting process
  • Some grammatical corrections

These alterations have been suggested by members following past experiences with the committee election processes, recommendations on club practices that were not brought forward to the current constitution and experience with the relatively new disciplinary process. There are also some alterations required to make the constitution consistent throughout when speaking about gender and also fixing a consistency issue with the age of juniors and voting rights.

A special thank you goes to Hamish Bertram who has worked very hard leading the Constitution Review sub committee as well as Michael Fry and the others who have provided feedback and suggestions.

The constitution can only be altered by special resolution and a document containing twelve resolutions can be viewed or downloaded on the link below.  A copy of the current constitution is also available along with a copy of the sub-committee final working document.

Note that a quorum of members is required to pass any changes to the constitution, so I ask you to please make time to attend this important club meeting.

Proxy Voting

Members who cannot attend may appoint another member as a proxy for the meeting by completing a proxy form and handing it to the chairperson before the meeting commences.  Alternatively, the form can be returned by post, fax or email to the General Manager, however if you use any of these methods your  form must be received at least 24 hours before the meeting commences.

Your proxy can be the chair of the meeting or any other member with voting rights. 

Your form may allow your proxy to vote as they see fit or you can direct your proxy how to vote on each special resolution.

Meeting Details

The meeting will be held on:
Date     : Thursday 20th July
Time     : 6.00pm
Venue   : Cheltenham Golf Club

Roof Repair Update


After the meeting the committee will hold a brief information session regarding forthcoming repairs to the clubhouse roof.