Mar 22, 2017

Colts Pennant Team Profiles

The Colts Pennant Team will be led by David Tasker obce again this year.

Here are the players:

Marco Dogliotti - Colts Captain 2017
Marco has been a stalwart of the Colts over past few years and is one of three of the Colts returning with the desire of a third Pennant Flag.

David Say - This is David's second year in the Colts following a very strong undefeated year in the rounds last year.

Bodie Gardner - This is also Bodie's third year in the Colts and we look forward to him continuing his successes in Pennant.

Austin Agar - Austin is one of three debutants in the Colts. We are very pleased to welcome Austin into our team and back to Cheltenham. 

Patrick O'Connor - Yes believe it or not this is Patrick's first year in the Colts. That said, the clubs junior clubhouse leader in this year’s Club championship is bringing strong form into the Colts season.

Cameron Kellaghan-Tasker - Cameron is the third of the Colts debutants this season and one of four juniors playing in the Colts, it bodes well for the clubs development and future.

Jack Weber - This is also Jack's third year in the Colts coming back into form at the right time.

Cheltenham these are your Colts for the 2017 season.

Their attributes are not identified individually because it applies to them all are they are strong matchplayers, always give their best even when the ball is not rolling their way and always represent Cheltenham proudly.

We wish them all every success for the Season ahead.