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Member's Competitions

Competitions are held frequently throughout the year.  Men's competitions are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and Ladies competition days are Monday and Wednesday.

During the year, players can compete in trophy competitions and in "honour board" events.  These include:

    • Club Championships
    • Monthly and Annual Medal
    • Thursday Medal
    • Match Play Championship
    • International Day
    • Cheltenham, England Friendship Trophy
    • Presidents and Captains American Foursomes Trophy
    • Founder's Trophy
    • Mayor of Bayside Trophy
    • C.O. Dunn Trophy
    • Jubilee Plate

A number of Memorial Trophies commemorate the memory of past members of the club.

  • Reg Barrie Trophy
  • Roley Kenley Trophy
  • Leonard Ward Trophy
  • Ned Morrow Trophy
  • Colin Boyd Veterans Trophy
  • Athol Bowles Trophy
  • John Cunningham Trophy

Junior Members can compete for the Junior championship through the following memorial trophies:

  • John G Miller Trophy
  • Tom Mulvogue Trophy
  • Nick Allan Trophy