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Feb 17, 2021
Good news - Golf is back on again tomorrow and the bistro is open for business.  Please see the full list of updates below.
Feb 12, 2021

As advised by the Premier of Victoria at 1.00pm on Friday 12th Feb, the whole state is now in stage 4 lockdown from 11.59pm 12th Feb and reopens on Wednesday 17th at 11.59 pm.  Here is the impact and arrangements being made for the members and the public.



Feb 5, 2021
From midnight on 3rd February until further notice, masks will once again be compulsory in all indoor spaces at our club. This includes the Proshop, Bar, Office as well as locker rooms and toilets.
Oct 19, 2020

We were eagerly awaiting updates from Golf Australia which have finally come through at lunchtime today, unfortunately the restrictions were tougher than we had hoped.

From tomorrow the following restrictions will commence in addition to the current procedures: the practice facilities must be closed, all hire equipment including carts are unavailable, food and beverages are unable to be sold, even through the Proshop and no club competitions. Please take the time to review the document from Golf Australia below and familiarise yourself with all the new changes.

I’m sure many of you will be disappointed in these changes, and I can assure you that we are just as disappointed as you are. We are hopeful that this set of restrictions is only in place for a relatively short period of time.

We again ask for your patience as we navigate through these challenging times.


David Stein
General Manager

Operations Update – 19th October

Effective immediately, based on information released by the Victorian Government, Golf Australia can advise the following for all clubs in Metropolitan Melbourne:

  • Golf can recommence being played in groups of two, unless all members of a group are from a maximum of two households.

  • Club competitions can not be conducted. Social scores can, however, be submitted for handicapping purposes.

  • Practice facilities can only operate if there is at least 100 metres between each group. In practical terms, this will mean that practice facilities will remain closed.

  • Golf coaching can recommence for groups of two or less, plus a coach

  • All services must be delivered outside, including pro shop services. For avoidance of doubt, members should not be entering your pro shops.

  • Rental clubs, golf carts and pull buggies can not be provided for hire

    • NB: Golf Australia making urgent representations on this point to government, in regarding to those people with a medical certificate and the use of carts.

  • Food and beverage facilities can not operate

    • NB: Golf Australia is making urgent representations on this point to government.

    • This includes the sale of food and beverage from pro shops

  • Clubhouses can open only for usage of toilet facilities

  • Members can only play at a course within 25 kilometres of their home, or permitted workplace

    • Clubs may consider temporary reciprocal arrangements between clubs to allow members impacted by this limit access to play at another club while this limit remains in place.

    • People may not travel into or out of Metropolitan Melbourne to play golf, even if you reside within 25km of a facility.

  • Clubs/facilities must comply with the record keeping requirements

    • That is, name and phone number of all persons who attend the premises for more than 15 minutes. A template to assist is located here

  • Masks must still be worn when playing golf. Face mask requirements are located here

  • All clubs/facilities will require a COVIDSAFE Plan to be in place.


Oct 18, 2020
At last - we can play golf again
Oct 16, 2020
Eagerly awaiting the Premier's Sunday announcement.
Aug 2, 2020

Sunday 2nd August


Vaccination Policy


The committee is aware that other golf clubs in our local area are implementing a "no jab, no play" policy and are concerned that if we don't implement a similar policy, there is a potential for players turned away from other clubs to seek out Cheltenham as an alternative, with an increased risk to our members, green fee players and staff.

The Committee is always obliged to act in the best interests of its members and guests and has carefully considered a COVID safe plan to protect our members and staff for our return to golf.

In doing so, we have reviewed the DHSS advice for the re-opening and future vaccination targets regarding Golf Clubs as well as information from Golf Australia.

We feel that the best way to protect our members and staff is to work towards implementation of a policy which best mitigates the risks of COVID to all those who attend the club and which also allows the club to continue as a strong business in the safest possible manner. We seek a policy which protects all our members and green fee players equally and meets our community obligations to minimise the risk of COVID-19 infection.

Accordingly, the Committee has approved implementation of the following Policy:

  • All members, staff, guests and Green Fee players over the age of 16 will be required to have had a minimum of one COVID vaccination to access the facilities of the club effective from Monday 11th October, 2021.
  • All members, staff, guests and Green Fee players over the age of 16 must be fully vaccinated by December 1, 2021.
  • Medical exemptions will be considered on an individual basis for those with a legitimate medical reason not to be vaccinated as supported by a medical certificate.
  • The Policy will apply to members, guests and Green Fee players who are 16 years of age and under once they have had sufficient time to access vaccinations as determined by the Committee.

As with all club policies, this policy will be subject to review as the Committee sees fit.

I ask all members of our club to understand and support the need for this policy. The Committee acknowledges that this decision will exclude some members who have not been vaccinated from attending the club, however we have a greater obligation to all members and staff to mitigate the serious risks of COVID. We also believe the implementation dates of this Policy allow reasonable time for members to comply.

Implementation from Monday, October 11 gives Members sufficient time to get vaccinated or submit their vaccination/medical exempt status to the office. To be clear: only vaccinated players whether member, guest or green fee player will be allowed to play if they have had at least one vaccination by close of business Sunday, October 10.




Administering the vaccination status of golfers

The club encourages all members to receive the Covid19 vaccination which best suits them (and to seek medical advice as needed). Given the club Committee's decision to implement the above policy, we now need to record a member's vaccination status on the club's system. Our software provider for golf bookings and competition management (MiClub) has provided us with a method of doing this and therefore we ask that all members send the club proof of their vaccination status as soon as possible.

In terms of your Covid Vaccination proof of status (i.e. one jab or both) the best way to obtain proof is to download a digital Covid19 Certificate. For those that have had at least one jab but do not have a digital certificate, please click on the link below to read more about how to obtain your digital certificate.

Click here for information on how to download your digital covid19 certificate

 Once you have obtained your digital certificate, please email a copy of it to info@cheltenhamgolf.com.au

For those Members who have received either one or both Covid vaccinations, you will need to have provided proof to the club by Monday 11th October to be able to attend the facilities after that date so we encourage you to do so asap.

Apart from the above, other ways to provide proof of vaccination (or Medical exemption) to the club are:

  • Email a copy of a printed vaccination confirmation certificate to info@cheltenhamgolf.com.au (any certificate that is not a digital certificate must be signed by a medical professional)
  • Email a copy of a Medical Certificate explaining reason/s for a medical exemption for not being able to receive a Covid vaccination to info@cheltenhamgolf.com.au (any certificate must be signed by a medical professional)
  • Show a copy of your digital certificate or a printed vaccination confirmation certificate to the General Manager.
  • Show a copy of your Medical Certificate explaining reason/s for a medical exemption for not being able to receive a Covid vaccination to one of the General Manager.

Member's Please Note: For privacy reasons, once your document of proof of full vaccination or medical exemption has been recorded on the club's system the copies of documents will be destroyed (shredded) by the club. Medical records will not be retained by the club's Administration. System records denoting your vaccination status will only be able to be accessed by Club staff. These details will not be able to be accessed in any way by other Members.



Public bookings will only be taken on-line.

A condition of accepting your booking is an agreement that you are compliant with the Club's Vaccination Policy and agree to provide proof of Vaccination (as detailed above) and agree to check in by QR code.